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Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

In comparison to other industries, the health industry has been slow in integrating an electronic system for their medical records even though it has several benefits. Making the change from paper-based record-keeping system to electronic takes time and can be costly to a business entity. A health care facility that is using an electronic medical system lightens the burden on medical staff and patients as well. Saving time and money are just some of the benefits of electronic medical records system that this article highlights as in this link.

Incorporation of electronic medical record software opens up more space that would rather have been used by file cabinets. Electronic medical records software replaces the paper-based system and frees up the storage space for better use. Human is to error and this can happen at the expense of a patient’s file being misplaced or misfiled which becomes a big inconvenience. Office operations become effective and efficient since patients’ file are electronically available to all the relevant parties in the medical facility.

There is the challenge of reading whatever has been written by a doctor on a patient’s file in most cases. A typed note is easily for almost everyone with reading ability to read, unlike handwritten notes. Electronic software eliminates most of the filing jobs to an extent that the little that is remaining can be done within staff working hours. Technology is the trend of the globe right now and having the latest on is a sign of progress.

Electronic software such as RevenueXL is more reliable and integrated providing the option of automatically sending the results to a patient’s doctor. Using electronic medical record software such as RevenueXL lowers costs in the long run; the costs of acquiring and installing this software are high but with time it saves the medical center a lot of money. Using web based ehr software eliminates the need for repetitive testing since once a patient has been tested his data can be electronically transferred to any medical facility which saves the center money.

The paper-based system limits treatment to the medical facility where a patient’s file is physically available, a disadvantage the electronic software eliminates. With electronic software, patient’ data can be backed up weekly or monthly thus ensure they are retrieved even if the computers are damaged through accidents or disasters like floods. Most of the discussed factors are benefits that a medical facility will enjoy if they use electronic medical record.